WiFi Connected But No Internet Access In Android/Samsung [FIXED]


SOLUTION: how to fix wifi connected but no internet access Samsung/Android 2019/Android obtaining wifi address cannot connect to internet/Android wifi problem connected but no internet using any Phone/Tablet/No internet access but connected Android/Connected to wi-fi network but no internet access and also Apps say no internet connection.
here are the best 3 fixes if your phone says wifi is connected/wifi hotspot connected but there is no internet access/internet not working on Android,…

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  1. hello i have a problem that i can't figure how to fix i have my wifi on my room on the second floor when i go down on the first floor it just dissconnect and it wont show no wifi or internet i need to get back up again and again

  2. The last one worked, I did try to turn off the router for 10 secs but seems that wasn't enough I tried the rest configs, none worked till I tried to again rest the router for 5 mins, that one worked and finally solved my issue.

  3. HELP !
    My PG's WiFi is working on my friend's phone continuously (realme x) but working on my phone only for 15-20 minutes after connecting(redmi note 7 pro). After 20 minutes it says "connected but no internet". I have tried both DCHP & STATIC METHOD but, facing same problem. I have changed the IP, DNS 1 ( DNS 2 ( but, result is the same. Kindly someone suggest me the solution.

  4. I followed all the instructions in this video and my android still can't get Internet even though it gets WiFi. It was perfectly fine yesterday morning, so I don't know what happened to it. My computer can get WiFi and Internet connection just fine but my android still cannot get Internet. I don't know if there's a problem with my router or my android. I don't know what to do. Someone please help me.

  5. didn't work for me, good if it works for others but I tried options 1 and 2, 2 didn't work as impossible to adjust dns setting – its greyed out and there is no static setting on mine. Also I do not have a Samsung phone so 3 no good either for me. still stuck with phone not being connected to internet

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