What about Python in 2018?


Learn Python 3 fast: http://www.killervideostore.com/python/ – Python continues to be one of the most important programming languages today. This is due to the fact that it is an easy to learn language, that reads a lot like English, but is till very capable.

Python is used in many different areas including: Ai, ML, web development, server automation, data sciences and more. It’s a great first language….

37 thoughts on “What about Python in 2018?

  1. Python is statistics, mathematics, machine learning, microservices, web, system scripting, video and image processing… other tasks.
    This language attracted specialists from other fields of science (mathematics, physics, astronomy). Python is a language for everyone, not just programmers! Python – is a full creative 🙂

  2. Is EdX a good place to learn how to code in Python? I use Ubuntu OS and Python comes with it already installed. Using the Terminal is cool and Coding in an IDE looks cool also.

  3. Thanks for your Video. I want to programming in field civil engineering and I want that this program have a GUI like for example Paint or WordPad. Can you tell me, which programming Language is ideal for my purpose? Is Python ideal for this aim?

  4. Ended up choosing to learn python and after making a couple of very small games, immediately dove into making a useful program. It has been so much fun and python is amazing with it's flexibility. Thanks for helping me along that path Stefan.

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