Russell Keith-Magee – A tale of two cellphones: Python on Android and iOS – PyCon 2016


Speaker: Russell Keith-Magee

Python is enjoying a surge in popularity due to it’s features as a language. However, over the last 10 years, mobile platforms have increased in importance, and Python doesn’t have a good story on these platforms.

In this talk, Dr Russell Keith-Magee will give a technical dive into the work the BeeWare project has been doing to make Python as simple to use on Mobile as it is on other platforms.

Slides can be found at: and…

18 thoughts on “Russell Keith-Magee – A tale of two cellphones: Python on Android and iOS – PyCon 2016

  1. Interesting talk. I've only just heard about the BeeWare project and was interested to know more hence my reason for watching this video. A couple of observations …

    BeeWare could really steal a march on Kivy. I tried Kivy a while ago and really wanted it to succeed but it seems like a project for Python enthusiasts only and the lack of native UI options makes it really limiting. It also really needs investment and for a project that has been around a while it's been disappointing to see the lack of progress.

    A couple of other projects were mentioned briefly and their success over Kivy is partly down to what I mention Kivy lacking (and what may do for BeeWare). RubyMotion (using Ruby) and Xamarin (using C# or F#) both had commercial backing and were paid for projects (and still have that option for enterprise users) before opening up their platforms for free. I really think any serious mobile Python option needs to look at something along these lines, at least to begin with.

  2. Amazing project, I've tried out the toga tutorials and it really is a simple and speedy solution. Trying to port my Tkinter project to this, and then if it works, attempting to convert my kivy project to it as well. Kivy has been decent, but the poor documentation and packaging process has really hurt it (along with the other points mentioned in this talk).

  3. This was the most important talk of Pycon hands down.

    If this goes through to the point of being mainstream, this guy has essentially reshaped Python for the future.
    Is this the same guy that did the lightning talk on depression?

  4. very impressive and interesting, didn't expect we can do so much already with Python in this field. Until now, I was under the impression that there were too many limitations imposed by iOs and Android about allowing "alien" or "interpreted" apps.

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