Developing Android Apps with High Performance Audio, JUCE Summit 2015


In this workshop you will write code to create a synthesiser app for Android using JUCE 4. This will introduce you to some of the new features in Android Marshmallow, such as MIDI, and demonstrate the high performance audio capabilities of some Android devices including sub 20ms round trip latency!

You will learn how to maximise performance and create the best user experience for your JUCE app on Android. You’ll also discover how JUCE is optimised for the newly released Android Pro Audio…

1 thought on “Developing Android Apps with High Performance Audio, JUCE Summit 2015

  1. hmm these are all cool to listen to, but i find it very hard getting into juce as a complete beginner (c++ wise).
    ive already coded in java and c but it still seems difficult. Will you guys be doing more tutorials on your site for juce? doesnt only have to be audio plugin based tho, like OpenGL things you integrated.

    I've already gotten things done like outputting audio and such, but for me as a beginner it seems impossible to advance for example how to modulate audio signals. But thats just my opinion, i think Juce is looking very good so far but to me its just frustrating to not be able to use it correctly.

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